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Evelyn Snow

2017 new short film “Some Night” Produced by Yudit 1999 in Banjarnegara, Indonesia. The Character called “Evelyn Snow” created by me. This short animation film was made with the free 3D software Blender.

Studio/Client: Short Film
- Blender Internal Render
- Photoshop CS6
- Videopad
- Modeling
- Sculpting
- Texturing
- Shading
- Rigging
- Animation
- Rendering
- Compositing
When: January 2017

All animation and visual by Yuditya Afandi.
Special Thanks to: Zero4Mike (Couch Model), MZiemys (Curtain Model), Andrew Price (Textures from
Tag: Yudit 1999 Yudit Art Yuditya Afandi

Yuditya afandi untitled 2

Evelyn Snow

Some Night Short Film 2017