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2017 - 14 October
"Panca" The Son of Java Island. Original character by Yuditya Afandi
For DXC character design challenge.

Studio/Client: Original Character, Fantasy
Software: Blender, Photoshop
Textures Resource:
- Modelling
- Sculpting
- Texturing
- Shading
- Rendering
- Animation
When: October 2017
Panca, The Son of Java Island. My new character inspired from Batik culture from Java Island, Indonesia. This character is intended for DXC character design challenge here in my country. Learning more about working under a tight deadline really pushed me to give 120% of my ability to finished it on time. It's been a really good experience. Cheers.

My Website:

Presentation Video:

Yuditya afandi panca by yuditya afandi shot2 final

Panca Render 2

Yuditya afandi panca by yuditya afandi shot3 final

Panca Render 3

Yuditya afandi panca by yuditya afandi shot1 final

Panca Render 1

Panca 3D Model Presentation

Yuditya afandi panca opengl1

OpenGL View 1

Yuditya afandi panca opengl2

OpenGL View 2

Yuditya afandi panca opengl3

OpenGL View 3

Yuditya afandi panca character sheet

OpenGL View 4

Yuditya afandi panca face expressions

Panca Face Expressions Test

Yuditya afandi panca pose shot1

Panca Pose Test