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2017 - 10 June
"Mawar" Character by Yuditya Afandi.
Her name is Mawar, She is a 19 year old girl that really love listening to music, Especially Taylor Swift's song. She is funny, she likes talking. Her dream is to meet Taylor Swift one day.

Studio/Client: Character
Software: Blender
Textures Resource:
- Modelling
- Sculpting
- Texturing
- Shading
- Rendering
When: June 2017
This is another study of stylized character. In this project I learn more about creating cloth material using cycles render and doing experiment with hair material. And also learning more about human anatomy as well, learning how to exaggerate a certain point of human part. Basically learning with practice.

Textures from Poliigon:
You can watch the breakdown here:
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Yuditya afandi mawar by yuditya afandi web res

Mawar Render

Mawar Turntable and more

Yuditya afandi sculpting 5

Mawar Sculpting

Yuditya afandi sculpting 6

Mawar Sculpting

Yuditya afandi wire 4

Mawar Wire