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Chloe Swift

2017 – 19 February
Studio/Client: Character
- Blender Internal Render
- Photoshop CS6
- Modeling
- Sculpting
- Texturing
- Shading
- Rigging
- Rendering
When: February 2017
Let me introduce my new character “Chloe Swift”
17 year old girl. She is smart, little bit arrogant, she likes coffe, she likes sport, especially morning run..
Made with open source software Blender and post processed in Photoshop.
Thanks to: Andrew Price for the textures from a lot of awesome and high quality textures there..
Here’s the Overview:

Yuditya afandi chloe swift artwork by yudit 1999 1

Chloe Swift

Yuditya afandi chloe swift concept art

Chloe Swift Concept Art

Chloe Swift Artwork Overview

Yuditya afandi 1713941 orig

Chloe Swift Matcap View