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Peter Parker

2017 – 4 April
"Peter Parker" Portrait by Yuditya Afandi.
The Goal of this project is for improving my sculpting skill.
Inspired from the new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer, I decided to make something about it.

Studio/Client: Portrait
- Modeling
- Sculpting
- Texturing
- Shading
- Rendering
When: April 2017
Comment: Peter Parker is one of my favorite Marvel character of all time, We can relate to his story. So, I decided to make his portrait in blender to improve my sculpting skill as well as learning more about texturing. A lot of fun doing this project.

You can watch the breakdown here:

Yuditya afandi peter parker by yudit 1999 web res

Peter Parker Final Render

Peter Parker Breakdown by Yuditya Afandi

Yuditya afandi modeling final

Peter Parker Wireframe

Yuditya afandi sculpting final

Peter Parker Clay

Yuditya afandi detail

Peter Parker Sculpting