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Dream Room

Studio/Client: Architecture Visualization
- Blender
- Photoshop
Tasks: Modeling, Texturing, Shading, Rendering
This project was made to learn more about cycles render engine which I found to be really fun to play with the node setup in the material section. The result is incrediblely better than BI. I think cycles will replace BI in the future. I’m using Archimesh add-on to help designing the room and the window.

My Dream Lounge Room Scene Breakdown.
Made with open source software Blender.
Thanks to: Andrew Price for the textures from, nature assets, jar bottle, and cup of water. Josepetri for the box of orange juice.
Post Processing in Photoshop.
Music by The Green Orbs – Snack Time from youtube audio library.
Tag: Yudit 1999 Yudit Art Yuditya Afandi

Yuditya afandi dream room by yudit 1999

Dream Room

Dream Room Breakdown by Yuditya Afandi

Yuditya afandi 3d viewport view

3D Viewport View

Yuditya afandi couch by yudit 1999

Couch Model

Yuditya afandi table by yudit 1999

Table Model

Yuditya afandi cabinet by yudit 1999

Table Model 2